Cook Oriental dishes at home without sweating it out


Rucha left the restaurant in a huff – it was the 5th place she had tried in a row, and their ‘Japanese Menu’ consisted only of Sushi. What about Tempura – the light and fluffy finger food that would melt in the mouth? Or Kaiseki – the ostentatious dinner used to mark special occasions? Oh, what would she not give for some chilled beer and Yakitori? Well, it seemed like she had to travel to Japan to have it, for no restaurant seemed ready to serve her tastes just yet.

If you are a food enthusiast and want to sample some delicious Oriental cuisine, you will feel Rucha’s pain. Sushi, Ramen and the occasional prawn which are the trademarks of Japanese cuisine have fast become the only option in the menu – leaving your gourmet senses itching for more. And if you finally give in to temptation and make it at home, you are usually stumped for ingredients!



Well, fortunately for you, I have some good news. Meatigo – an exclusive online store for meat has come to Mumbai and guess what? They are launching a special Japanese meat menu exclusively for us! That means – Your kitchen has just become the ultimate destination of Japanese food!




You can now plan the perfect ‘Oriental dinner’ when your friends come over. Here is the menu I would recommend:



Begin with Momos – Get the chicken stuffed momos from Meatigo and keep it frozen till an hour before your guests arrive. Pan fry the ‘ready – to- eat – Momos’ from Meatigo in 2tbs of hot oil. Then pour enough water over them till they are partially submerged and then cook with the lid covered for 7 – 8 minutes. Once that is done, open the lid and let it cook till the water evaporates. Hot, lightly seasoned momos with succulent chicken stuffing is ready!

Follow it with Tempura – battered prawns– The tempura you get from Meatigo is already fully cooked. All you have to do is deep fry it in oil or heat it in an air fryer before plating it up! The deliciously crisp and ultra- light prawns will be an instant hit with your friends

Or choose breaded prawn cutlets – Don’t feel like having prawns in Tempura? No problem – you can try these traditional Japanese hand cutlets. Sweet tender prawns beneath a coating of crunchy bread can be the perfect accompaniment to your Momo starter! They are pre-cooked too and just need to be deep fried or heated in a air-fryer before serving. Let me tell you, delicious Japanese cuisine has never been this simple!

Now bring in the Chicken Wings – Yeah, what’s an evening dinner without chicken wings?! I have a friend who cannot have a meal without chicken and he would go absolutely gaga over this one. I think the considerate folks at Meatigo made sure that they have something in their menu for ardent chicken fans as well and I for one am very grateful! These are completely baked and blend in perfectly with your planned menu.

Finish with class – smoked pulled pork for the gourmet lovers – This one is a classic. The moist pulled pork is well smoked and beautifully seasoned. I think their secret ingredient is barbecue sauce – just a splash of it to bring out the full flavor and let me tell you it hits the spot perfectly!

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about the quality of hygiene. The guys at Meatigo know what they are doing and do it rather well! Their strict standards of quality check and processes means great meat for us!

So what are you waiting for?! Get the meat from Meatigo and get the party going. Your friends will love you for it and your talent for whipping up a traditional Japanese fare will become legendary. Oh, and I just might gate-crash your party. But don’t worry, I bring my own meat – from Meatigo of course!


Order now from or call 7666510008


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