Here’s why we say Part 2 is more or less like Part 1

S.S. Rajamouli is one of the finest directors in Indian film fraternity who has the ability to sit among the audience while narrating a story ‘once upon a time’ and hold their attention for few hours. Baahubali, The Conclusion is a consistent continuation of the initial segment, The Beginning – exactly where it ended. The story starts from where Kattappa finished in the first part.

The first part was released over 2000-2500 screens, earning gross revenue of Rs. 500 crores. The first part was the beginning of something new for the audience; it was the new way of presenting periodic drama, a new way of presenting visual effects and the best part was when it ended with a million dollar question, why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? People were left wanting for more, and Baahubali 2 just gave them what they wanted for two years!

The sequel is costlier than its first part. It took two years to prepare and release the film. It got released in 9000 screens worldwide, so the coverage is definitely massive.  Baahubali 2 has better VFX (budget allocated was Rs. 250cr compared to Rs. 180cr for the 1st part).  The sequel is grander and bigger with the finest visual effects. The beginning was mostly introducing the important characters of the movie to the audience, whereas Baahubali 2 was funnier involving many comedy scenes between Baahubali, Kattappa, Devasena and Kumara Varma. The war scenes are bigger and better than the prequel and performances of all the actors are praiseworthy.


When Baahubali 1 ended, it had left the audience hanging in the middle; people just couldn’t stop talking about the film. With earnings of Rs. 1500cr in 5 weeks, it is definitely concluded that this is one of the greatest revolutions in the Indian Film industry. People cannot stop gushing about the extraordinary visual effects, the classic cinematography, the beautiful concept and marvelous performance of the central characters of the movie.