Clueless about GST implementation? Now Start-ups and entrepreneurs can rely on Sleek Bill for smart and professional billing solutions

GST will be implemented in India in July 2017. Many businesses will have to comply and use the GST online portal to file their taxes, which will be much easier to do if they use online software for billing or accounting purposes.

Sleek Bill Online is a new custom built billing platform for the Indian market and low internet speed. The company has a customer base of over 50,000 businesses in India. They are now modernizing their software and moving it to the cloud, to keep up with the new fiscal changes. When it’s done, they promise it will be the easiest billing solution with GST support.

“Generally start-ups and entrepreneurs are unaware of tax implementation laws. With the advent of GST and efforts to push for a cashless economy, businesses need a fast and reliable billing solution, here Sleek Bill comes to the rescue”, said Victor Antiu, CEO, Sleek Bill.

Sleek Bill was born as a spin-off from a bigger company, by a group of passionate developers who were eager to experiment. By coding during lunch breaks while they were still employees they managed to get local businesses in India interested in the product. The product was an almost instant success.

“We grew Sleek Bill with the help of customer referrals and local partners. Believe it or not, we were bootstrapped until last year, when we received a small investment to develop the new online version and expand our features. In the meantime we have grown our team in India, through our office in Pune and our ever-growing partner network”, added Victor

Sleek Bill Online follows a fairly affordable pricing structure. It has a free trial as well as a premium license. But for companies or freelancers with more basic needs, they also offer a Free Forever plan. All versions will have some sort of GST compatibility and all offer custom tax structure, email reminders, multi-user and advanced reports. More features will be added as GST draws near.

Businesses can handle necessary calculations, create customized invoices and print or send them as finished emails or export as PDFs. The workflow for this is simple and begins with hitting the “Create an Invoice” button. An easy process during which companies can add or subtract product details, add customer names and convert estimates into completed invoices automatically. Sleek Bill is a fantastic and simple solution for your billing needs.

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About Sleek Bill

Sleek Bill Online is custom built billing software for the Indian market and low internet speed. The company has over 50,000 customer base from India. They were bootstrapped until last year, when they received an investment to develop the new version and expand their features. In the meantime, they have an office in Pune and an ever-growing partner network.

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