Check this before you hop in your Uber Ola cab

It recently came as a shock to the nation when a news channel revealed the ugly truth of the increasing number of women being raped in taxis. With the advent of the “modern India,” taxis have become indispensable, and women of all ages naturally employ them to travel from one place to another every single day. With all these travels also comes a peril as statistics disclose. The majority of rapes that occur in India happen in cabs. Why? Let’s find out!


Video: Source unknown

Public vehicles especially cabs generally have child locks, and all the reported rape cases have been revealed to have one in the cars. This impedes the passengers from opening the doors or windows for that matter and effectively traps the person inside because the control then lies with the driver who is the sole person to unlock the vehicle at such a point.

All the rape cases in taxis happened because the women were unaware of this device and could not stop the inevitable from happening. You do not have to risk your safety to travel in cabs anymore. All that is needed is a little information to keep yourselves secure.

Whenever you hail a cab, all you gotta do is check the inside of the door for the child lock and see if it’s locked or unlocked. If there is a lock there and you see that it is locked, unlock it and only then get in the taxi. With every vehicle that has one of these locks, there is a sign which shows you exactly how to flip the switch to unlock it. This small step can go a long way in ensuring your safety.

We implore all women to be alert and do their part in safeguarding themselves. We also appeal to the government to ban the child locking system in cabs as they are essentially superfluous and wholly unnecessary in a public vehicle.

A little vigilance can go a long way!



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