Change in objectives of AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party has successfully completed its two years in Delhi in the month of February. The party has promised changes initially. Let us see how successfully they have managed to do so.

Water problem in Delhi has been a major problem for many years. According to the AAP government, it is providing 20,000 liters of water to local consumers free of cost.  Even in the current scenario, almost 83% of the residents of Delhi have got access to piped water supply. A budget of Rupees 676 crore has been allocated. Around 1200 colonies which are unauthorized have got to access to water supply network. As per the budget, there has been 100 % relaxation to consumers belonging to E, F, G, and H category. For category D and C, it is 75% and 50% respectively. For A and B category, the reduction is 25%.

The experts appreciate the vision but criticize the execution of the schemes. As long as there won’t be metered connections, there will be no benefit. According to the manifesto, AAM promised a reduction in the water bill and laying of pipelines in every household. But apart from laying pipelines in some of the houses, nothing much has been yet.

Also, AAP planned to install CCTV cameras in the local buses to improve women’s safety. But nothing much has been done in this context. In fact, women’s safety is a major issue. To increase pension for senior citizen was also in the pipeline but nothing has been done yet, no action plan and no press conference regarding the same has been done yet.

Free Wi-Fi was one of the promises done by AAM. But free wifi is far; not even money has been allocated to the project.

The basis on which the party was formed was anti-corruption policy, and it was supposed to be implemented through Jan Lokpal Bill. However, no proceedings have been taken yet.