Can AAP survive the huge blow of Kejriwal’s alleged scam?


Kapil Mishra has dropped a huge bomb on the Aam Admi Party by unmasking the massive financial irregularities that have taken inside the party. His allegations include:

  • Arvind Kejriwal protected Shiela Dixit, the former chief minister of Delhi, in the water tanker scam, despite having substantial evidence against her.
  • Mishra also alleged that Arvind took the bribe of Rupees two crores in front of the former from Satyendra Jain, who is the accusation of CBI for money laundering
  • Mishra also told that the massive irregularities in the party funding started to take place during the Punjab elections where the money came from the selling of party tickets, and also from the dubious source of donations.
  • The party gradually started to slip off from the track of its otherwise admired ideology and philosophy.

Since these allegations are extremely strong, their investigation needs the vigilance of the Central Bureau. It is needless to say that the AAP, as well as Arvind Kejriwal, has to come out clean by brushing off these charges. If they successfully retain their name of purity; and if the allegations come to be true, then the very image of the Aam Admi Party with the claim of being the people’s party will shatter into a million pieces.

There are certain questions raised about the allegation of Kapil Mishra. Like:

  • Why is opening up after the party has sacked him off his position?
  • Why did not he bring this mater out in the front when the bribing incident took place?
  • Would he have still come out with the allegations if he continued with the position of the Water Resources Minister?

The relationship of money and politics is symbiotic, and the public also knows that Kejriwal needs to understand that personal integrity is something which is very valuable to be maintained in politics.


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