Branded Clothes at tacky prices!

Delhi peeps are now getting all their branded clothes in cheap prices in sarojni market. Reading between lines, in Sarojni Market you can get all brands first copy right from Veromoda to Victoria secret, From lee to Adidas, from Ck to Armani. These markets is based on road side stalls and also big shops and this diversification shows a hugeprice change between both the places with same products. In this market you get jeans for Armani and Ck jeans for Rs. 200

Jack And Jones t-shirt for Rs.200 and U.S. Polo Club tee’s for Rs.200.

This is not necessary that clothes are copy but some are rejected material from brands for minor problems which lead to cheap clothes in markets like these.

This market is flooded with branded shoes, belts, bags, shirts and t-shirts, that too at cheap prices.

So dont worry, go for your college shopping and get all your clothes in bulk so you’ll wear each day a new attire.