Backpackers’ Guide To Travel On A Budget

Traveling on a budget has always remained a constraint with the backpackers. They prefer to carry less and have more adventure without burning a hole in their pockets. Though travel from one place to another even for a holiday can never come easy, there certainly are ways in which you can make the most of the travel expedition without feeling too much pinch on your budget.

Here is our quick guide for backpackers to travel on a shoestring budget without making any compromise on the fun factor.

Book Cheaper Travel
You do not have to take a business class when you can manage the economy. Same applies to local travel. When planning your travel check all the possible travel websites offering best and most affordable tour package with to and fro transfer. Avoid including cab facility for local travel. Instead, walk down the lanes or best take the local transport.

Image source: UCityGuide

Rent A Couch/Hostel
Backpackers do not prefer to have a luxurious hotel stay, but you do need a place to stay. How about getting into a hostel room on sharing basis with other backpackers? Or you can rent a couch at any small inn. Both these options will come really cheap and are good to get familiar with the rustic charm of the city you are traveling.

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Minimize Expensive Eating
No need to explore every 5 stay hotel in the vicinity, instead focus on street food joints that serve equally delicious food at a very nominal price. Avoid expensive coffees and colas and stick to mighty water as much as possible.


Check Forex Rates
Plan your backpacking trip that has higher value of Indian rupee, like Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. These places can give you a great value for your hard earned money and you will start feeling rich all of a sudden.


A little smart play can go a long way in planning a backpacker trip on a budget. So, what all are you going to follow?