All you need to know about the Wannacry ransomware virus


The outbreak of Wannacry ransomware attack crippled the digital world and e-commerce businesses with over two lakhs systems being compromised spanning over 150 nations in the world. The malicious malware targeted the essential infrastructures such as hospitals, universities, blue chip companies and businesses like movie theaters. The virus which first appeared as an attachment of a suspicious mail was so designed to prey on the systems with unpatched Microsoft Operating system and then to use the same vulnerable system to propagate to other systems in the network.

Malware key on keyboard – A red key with the text malware on a black keyboard combined with a threat sign.

The malware after getting a foothold into the system would encrypt the data and would ask a ransom amount in the form of Bitcoins for decrypting the same. The virus exploited two of the SMB centric NSA tools. The EternalBlue is used by the malware to exploit the vulnerability of the compromised system while DoublePulsar is used by it as a backdoor to spread itself to other systems. The victims were initially demanded with a $300 payment in the form of Bitcoins but failure to comply so within three days would result in the demand getting doubled to $600. And if within a week, the victim still didn’t make the payment then they were threatened that their precious data would be wiped off.

The security experts throughout the world have advised the victims not to pay the ransom as there is no guarantee of the data being restored. Since the malware suffered from several handicaps, the researchers have found a way to bypass it by triggering a “kill switch.” The experts are also working round the clock to isolate the affected systems and also to restore the data. But it is also advised that the people should update their Operating System software and should also install anti-virus software which would help them contain the virus. They are also cautioned against opening suspicious emails.


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