Alcohol loving rats are found in Bihar


Yes, you heard it right! Not only the public but the rats in Bihar are also liquor-loving, at least that is what is claimed by the Bihar police.


On 26th November 2015, the Bihar Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar had announced an ambitious and historical statewide ban on alcohol to commence from 1st April 2016. He further officially declared a total ban on all types of alcohol from 5th April 2016 onwards making the sale and consumption of any alcohol in hotels, bars, pubs or any other place totally illegal. The violation of the law would attract a penalty of 5 years to 10 years of imprisonment. The announcement was made with the novel intention of helping the people of Bihar who were getting more and more addicted to the alcoholic beverages, which affected both their personal and public life.



The alcohol ban started a revolution in the city. It created awareness among the people about the harms of consuming alcoholic beverages as well as about the penalty that it bears. There have been instances where wives and daughters had called up the police reporting on their own husbands or fathers.


Since the formal ban on the drink, the state police department has been conducting intense raids through the length and breadth of the state and has confiscated any illegally possessed alcohol. The year-long hard work resulted in the warehousing of 9.15 lakh liters of alcohol in various police station stores across the state. Earlier, it was reported by the media that the seized bottles of liquor were missing from the police station stores and when questioned again, the Bihar Police has now claimed that a few bottles broke during transportation. The remaining 9.15 lakh liters of alcohol that was present in the police station stores have been guzzled down by the rodents residing in the police station!


This statement has not only amused the whole nation but has also made a mockery of the Bihar Police Department.


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