Adapting the natural methods to prevent respiratory illness

The increase in pollution and erratic lifestyle hasfueled a steady rise in the number of people suffering from respiratory illnesses. According to WHO, a large majority of the world’s population suffers from respiratory disorders and it is considered the most common and significant cause of illness and death around the world. The situation is no different in India as it tops the list of countries where deaths occur due to lung diseases.

In the backdrop of the alarming situation that India faces with regard to respiratory wellness, it is important for all of us to take immediate action on a personal front to prevent chronic conditions such as asthma.The data from WHO also reveals that India accounts for 10% of the world’s asthma patients and therefore, we need simple and quick action to keep the likelihood of respiratory illness at bay.

Dr. Ashok BK, Research Scientist, The Himalaya Drug Company shares a few tips that can help you deal with respiratory illness and protect you from ailments such as asthma.

1) Consume Ginger:  Ginger has various components that help in warding off the throat and respiratory tract infections and facilitates easy breathing. It is advised to consume ginger directly or in the form of tea and juice, as it helps in treating chest congestion that in turn causes difficulty in breathing.

2) Include Vasaka herb in your diet– The herb Vasaka, also known as Malabar nut, helps in soothing bronchial inflammation and opening airways that relieve chest congestion, thus facilitating the discharge of Phlegm. It also assists in suppressing cough, thinning bronchial secretions and improving sluggish lung function. It is advised to consume Vasaka in the form of juice, syrup and capsules available in the market.

3) Consume Oregano: Oregano contains all the vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our immune system, which helps in promoting good health. Oregano possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is also rich in other lung cleansing elements that help to treat asthma, sinusitis and cough.

4) Take adequate amount of garlic: Garlic is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties that make it rich in medicinal values. This helps in preventing infections that can potentially trigger asthma.The garlic clove can be consumed directly or in the form of capsules available in the market.

5) Stay away from Smoke/ Pollution: For people who are prone to respiratory ailments, it is advised to stay away from smoke emitted by cars or factories by covering your face with a face mask. Avoid passive smoking and try staying away from fireworks, as any kind of smoke might trigger an unpleasant sensation to the lungs and will eventually result in severe coughing and wheezing. In case you are a habitual smoker, it’s advised to quit smoking right away.

Start following these basic tips and stay away from respiratory illness and infections.

Dr. Ashok


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