If your health issues seem persistent enough to haunt you for your lifetime, you would definitely want to try these life hacks. The best part about these tips – they are completely natural and you won’t have to sweat around much. Also, they prove for a great saving, for they are comparatively cheaper, and some of them, in fact, are found lying around in your kitchen itself!

  • Arthritis

Simply soak some 10-12 golden brown raisins in water overnight and consume them the next day. This will help soothe the inflammation area and the essential vitamins in it provide a greater relief.


  • Bad breath

The foul odor caused due to a bad breath can often lead quite an embarrassing situation. Instead of popping in some gum, prefer chewing some celery or parsley. These will help reduce the bad breath to quite a significant extent and also keep your mouth fresh for a longer period of time.


  • Indigestion

Indigestion or a simply bloated belly can prove quite cumbersome. Try consuming some apricots for dessert. This will help reduce your indigestion problems and keep your stomach healthy. Also, consuming apricots on a daily basis can lead to a flatter belly too.


  • Irregular periods

Menstruation in women needs to be completely on time. Any lag or any speed in the same can put your health at a greater risk. If you experience continued menstruation, simply soak some dates in water overnight and consume them the next day. Make sure to drink the water too for best benefits.


  • Premature hair loss

If you start to experience premature hair loss, you would definitely want to try some nettle tea. It contains silica which helps strengthen your hair roots for a stronger and healthier hair. Make sure, that you do not overdose yourself with it, lest it should cause any side effects.


  • Infection of the urine tract

Mix a spoon of baking soda in water. Drinking this on a regular basis will help fight infections and keep the bacteria at bay.



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