Introverts are those beautiful souls who tend to keep things to themselves and often find it difficult to socialize on a larger scale. There is an added aura to them, for their eyes speak volumes for all their feelings that lay hidden in their hearts. If you happen to spot somebody that tends to be naturally quiet and often involved in deeper introspection of life, you have found a gem amongst the people. If you, however, seem to have lost your heart to this person make sure that you know these important things before you proceed on to reaching out to them.

  • Alone time? Definitely

Introverts are a go-go for a greater part of the alone time. They are naturally withdrawn to their inner self, and jumping up and down to any squishy party is not their thing. It does not mean that they do not enjoy either. They are party animals, only for a simple few of their mates, getting it?


  • Anti-social? Definitely no!

Introverts are not anti –social. They really like other people, but they take time enough to get close to anyone. It is their natural instinct to be friends with a few rather than on becoming best friends with everyone on the planet. You need to have a lot of patience to get into their inner circle or you will lose them forever.


  • Great listeners

Totally! If you are an avid talker, there is nothing more enjoying than having the company of an introvert. They make for good listeners and actually, do like when people talk to them. They may not open up much about themselves, though.



  • Wish being an extrovert

They sometimes wish they were an extrovert with all the fun and party around them. They may try for a while too, but their inherent nature makes them shift back to the person they actually are.


  • Slow pace – sometimes

They like to take things slow and are never in a rush. One can well expect long lasting relationships with such people, for they value each and every moment with you, noticing every small aspect which others might miss.

Overall, introverts are totally the kind of people where you will find a natural comfort and a greater meaning of life with them


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