5 Things To Expect From Your Vatican Holiday

A trip to the Vatican City is nothing less than a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Even though there are people who have been to this ancient city several times, the charm of going there for the first time cannot be ruled out. Here are the 5 things that you can expect from your Vatican holiday for the first time.

Image source: jimreidphoto

Expect a lot of history and artwork: The entire Vatican city is a living example of glorifying history and artwork. You will find a Chapel or a Piazza at every corner and you will me mesmerized with the artwork they will have on their walls. the Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica should be on the top of your must go list.

You Will Not Find Your Regular Italian Food: We have all grown up believing that pasta, pizza and tiramisu are the finest of the Italian cuisine. But a trip to Vatican is sure to burst the bubble for you. You will find any of these in their regular menus, so do not think of looking for them either. Instead, relish on the locally made food items, which are way better than our Italian food.

Cash Is The King: Thinking of making all the transactions using an International debit/credit card? Think again, the people of Vatican City prefer paying in cash for most of their day-to-day buys. So, make sure you bulk up on cash for your Vatican holiday.

The Waiter’s Are Not Rude: If you find your waiter being rude just because he left you to enjoy your food alone and didn’t make a comeback at your table until it’s time to clear, then you are wrong.

You Will Get A Lot of Time To Relax: The no fuss city is far from your bustling urban city life. You will find a lot of places to seek relaxation without cars honking around and spoiling peace for you.

Aren’t these reasons good enough to plan a trip to Vatican city anytime soon?