3 Years of Modi Government

It has been three years now since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken big decisions. Some of them were big hits, and some of them were big misses. Demonetization to curb corruption, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to improve cleanliness, pronounced win in Uttar Pradesh are few of the big moments during the reign of PM Modi.

This is the first time that BJP has got popularity even in those states where it was considered as a weak player. The communication between officials at various levels like state and center has improved through satellites and video conferencing. Apart from such big decisions taken by PM Modi, there are big misses as well.

India’s relation with Pakistan needs no introduction. But has the Modi government taken enough measures to isolate Pakistan? Surgical strikes have been undertaken as a precautionary measure by Indian Govt. but this is not sufficient.

The introduction of taxes, demonetization might have affected common salaried middle-class man. On certain commodities, the taxes have increased and on other taxes have decreased. So it has really put a question on the finance ministry of the Government.

There has been an increase in the unemployment rate from 2.2% to 3.8%. The country has witnessed a loss of jobs. It is not really a good sign. In fact, with increased population, increased employment is the need of the hour.

Similarly, there has been a fall in the investment as well as in other indicators of the economy. India was overall at position five globally in the manufacturing processes, but it is now at the 6th position. Questions have been raised about the authenticity of the government records as well. Even after the rule of SC, there was no implementation of the Lokpal bill.

So, it has been a mix of both highs and lows in the reign of PM Modi.