Whether you are a daily traveler an occasional traveler, you will definitely come across a separate set of people in the Delhi metro, and the best part about them is that you will be able to verify them in one glance. Whether you like them or not, they are your fellow travelers and in all honesty, your journey would be boring without them.

Here are the 10 types of people you will definitely find in Delhi metro:

  1. The Milkha Singhs and The P.T Ushas
    No matter how many announcements the officials of Delhi metro make,some people are going to run like Milkha Singh and P.T Usha for grabbing seats. They will never even let the people come out first as if finding a seat is their only goal of life.


  1. The Privacy Invaders

These are the creepy ones who constantly look into your phones, laptops, books, basically anything and everything that you are carrying with you. Moreover, if you are not carrying anything, they will start checking you out completely.


  1. The Irritating Kids

For some people, kids are the biggest problem in the metro. For them, metro is the park and they are always over enthusiastic about their metro journeys. They can be a real headache for an entire coach because they will need everything from their mothers, even in the jam-packed metros.


  1. The Lovey-Dovey Couples

These species are generally found in the adjoining area of the ladies coach and the general coach, but it’s not the only place that they are found. They are also found in the stairs of the metro stations, in the elevators, and on the benches. They are too close for comfort, but only for the co-travelers.


  1. The Over-friendly Aunties

These aunties want to know everything, from your age to your work to your love life. They ask you all the possible questions and tell you whatever details they can tell about themselves and their to-be-married son.

  1. The Fashion Disasters

They wear orange pants and flower print blue t-shirts, you got the idea. They are seen in tight jeans and cleavage-showing tees, and to top it all, metro coaches are stuffed with them.


  1. The Loudspeakers

These are probably most irritating of the lot. They are, in the literal sense, the loudspeakers. You can listen to their creepy voice from one coach to the other and their godforsaken accent as well.


  1. The Readers

These are the elite class of the Delhi metro. They are always on their intellectual mode and are seen with thick books and reading glasses. They do not give a damn to the people around them; they just enjoy being in their fictional worlds.


  1. The Fake Ray-Bans

Weren’t sunglasses invented for the purpose of protecting eyes from the harmful UV rays? However, there is a segment of metro travelers who do not seem to care much about it. In the air-conditioned metros, they will be up with their sunglasses, and that too, replicas of famous brands, which can be spotted because of their hilarious spelling mistakes.


  1. Desi Eminem’s

These are the one who always has songs playing at full volumes, albeit in their earphones. The worst part? They try to sing those English raps in as desi way as possible, giving everyone around them a headache with their American accents.



Hate them? Love them? Either way, you will have to travel with them so it would be better if you identify them and make a little distance up with them and make your metro journey more peaceful!!


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