​ How Liquid Software Maintenance Model can save a business from the trap of Software AMC

With the advancement of technologies and ease of facilities, every business is now using Software and Applications to streamline their business process and to remove the manual intervention. In the present era, even we are having websites to shop, to book a ticket, to order food or even to buy groceries. But after development, all these applications demand regular updates and improvement of features and for this companies have to pay a huge sum of money in AMC or to spend too much money in hiring deserving candidates.

To solve this problem, a growing IT company, Scrum Technology has come up with the idea of Liquid Software Maintenance Model (LSMM). In this model, you just need to pay for the hours spent on working for you. There is no monthly boundation of AMC or MMC. In an Interview, Founder and Managing Director of Scrum Technology said that his vision is to help everyone with the scope of Information Technology and this LSMM (Liquid Software Maintenance Model) is one of the best techniques for providing the best service.

This doesn’t bind the customer with regular monthly paychecks rather they just need to set budget, tasks and other things will be aligned by Scrum Technology.

Scrum Technology is a leading IT Service company based in New Delhi. The Director added that all the projects in the company are taken care by Scrum Methodology in which the prime focus is on Clients Satisfaction.

Hopefully, this LSMM can bring a change in the trend of how software companies are charging from the various business.

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